Interesting Information on Martial Arts!

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Interesting Information on Martial Arts!

Marisa Cannata

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After I walk in, I take off my boots and walk towards the locker room. As I’m taking off my winter jacket I say hi to all the girls. We all catch up as were putting on our white jackets and coloured belts, we tie our hair and we all walk into class together. We all salute the teachers before walking into the dojo. 


At the beginning we all stretch, and warm up, which consists of a hundred jumping jacks, thirty pushups and fifty sit ups. Once stretched and warmed up, our class begins. After only thirty minutes, we are all out of breath and sweating bullets, and we still have an hour left.


According to Oxford dictionary martial arts is various sports or skills, that originated as forms of self-defence or attack. One of the most popular types of martial arts is karate. It is known all over the world. 


To begin, karate is a form of martial arts which originated in Okinawa, which is found near Japan. Although it is not known the exact origin of karate before it appeared in Okinawa. There are 11 different types of karate and they all have different characteristics. Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Wado-ryu, Shorin-ryu, Kyokushin, Shito-ryu, Ashihara, Chico-ryu, Enshin and Kishimoto-di. Example in Kyokushin karate, students are allowed full body contact fighting; meaning fighting without safety equipment, aggressive punching and kicks to the head. Whereas in Wado-ryu karate students are taught to avoid hard contact when fighting, and generally play defence. This goes to show how different the types of karate are. I asked teacher sensei Marc from Shinka Dojo why he enjoyed teaching karate. “Basically the purpose of seeing an evolution in a person. You can teach a top elite or a person who has a little less talent but it’s the evolution of that person that matters.”

…the purpose of seeing an evolution in a person.”

— Sensei Marc

 As a student at this school, I find we are all family there. When someone must go through a tough fight, the others are always in the background encouraging and supporting the person. Karate is a sport that is about determination, respect and focus. The three main components of our school. 


To end, karate is an intense sport and I feel not many people understand that. Martial arts has been voted the third most violent sport.