Are desk bikes effective

Ally Floyd

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Desk bikes are stationary bicycle that has a desk attached on top of it to do school work on. The purpose of desk bikes is for children with hyperactive tendencies. This is so that children who have been in class all day can be moving around and will still be able to do work at the same time.

Schools in Quebec have begun to use desk bikes to help hyper active kids. Mario Leroux is a teacher in Laval at a French school. He has multiple students in his who have hyperactive tendencies. Leroux bought a stationary bike for his students to pedal and burn off energy while they were in class, but the stationary bike was too loud to be kept inside of the class. Leroux then moved the stationary bike outside but kids were spending too much time out of class using the bike. Leroux was determined to find an alternative. Leroux found a company in South
Carolina that makes desk bikes. These stationary bikes were much more quiet and they have a desk on the top of it so students could do productive work at the same time as pedalling to burn off all of their energy. Leroux stated “ we had students who almost did no work began to work once they started to use the desk bike.”

Studies have proven that when cycling, it can helps relieve stress. while you are cycling it helps maintain an adequate blood flow to the Brain witch helps oxygen and nutrients witch will maintain focus. The bikes are in between a price range of 200-350$ depending on the quality.

Many schools are slowly beginning to add desk bikes into their schools . Many students say that villa Maria should also invest in desk bikes. Jaylee Pritchard stated “I do think that Villa Maria should invest in desk bikes because physical activity helps yourself focus “ as proven in the previous paragraph. Aydan Ray stated “ the desk bike would be useful to help the hyper kids calm down so they will be able to concentrate in class and be more mobile”. Damian Sanchez stated “ I often find myself being uncomfortable in chairs and especially in the morning, it is difficult to focus on task at hand and I believe that the desk bikes would really help students in being able to participate and focus.” Many students believe that this new, modern invention would be a good idea to improve Villa Maria.