Ariana Grande’s journey to success !

Julia caruso

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Famous celebrity Ariana grande known for her iconic high ponytail and her voice has stared her career in 2010 when victorious came. When victorious ended she stared in “ Sam and cat “ . After her time on victorious Ariana wanted to start her music career so her first song was “ put your hearts up “ . Ariana has said in several interviews she hates it because it’s   “ inauthentic and fake” and described it as “the worst moment of my life”.After she came out with her first album yours truly and has her listening sessions . Then once  my everything released in 2014 she went on her honeymoon tour in 2015. One of the songs in My everything “ just a little bit of your heart “ was made for Ariana’s grandfather who past away in 2014 . Once scream queens aired Ariana was asked to play the role of Chanel #2 but then had to leave the show shortly after because she was working on her 3rd album dangerous women . Fun fact “ dangerous women was originally named moonlight “grande said in a jimmy fallon interview . Dangerous women was released in 2016 and grande toured in 2017 . During the tour one of the most tragic events that can happen to a singer occurred. She lost 22 fans in the Manchester bombing . Ariana then took a break off tour and went back to Manchester June 3rd and performed a 3 hour long “ one love Manchester “ concert with other singers in honour of the 22 angels lost . She then continued a very emotional tour . Then 2018 came and grande lost her ex Mac Miller in a drug overdose , grande than called of her engagement with fiancé ‘ Pete Davison “ . In her 4th album which released in August of 2018 track 14 is named Pete Davison , this track was named prior to her calling off the engagement. Ariana was diagnosed with ptsd “ post traumatic stress disorder “ therefore she made sweetener a very healing album with her songs. “ get well soon “ which is 5 minutes and 22 seconds long with 40 seconds of silence at the end to honour the victims that past on 5/22/17 .Grande than released thank you, next February 8 , 2019 . Fans worldwide were so stocked about this album and looking forward to it . It contains some of her best selling song “ thank you next and 7 rings “ . Ariana has released several singles over the year and has worked with her friend /artist Nicki Minaj .not only does she have singles and albums but also ep’s .  She has 2 Christmas ep’s called “ Christmas kisses “ released in 2014  featuring Liz Gilles in “ Santa baby “ . Her second ep “ Christmas and chill “ has become even more popular ever since she performed it at her sweetener world tour . Which ended December 22. Back in April grande performed at coachella and at Manchester pride in August. She also has a few songs in the “ Charlie’s angels soundtrack “ with Nicki Minaj , Victoria Monet and , Chaka khan .So you here Ariana throughout the film. Ariana is the best vocalist in our generation and she has killed it releasing a lot of new music for her fans and touring despite going through an emotional sad time in her life.