News on News: Trip to Radio Canada

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On November 14, the sec. 3 students in the journalism course had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Radio Canada building in order to see what the working life of reporters, technicians and everything in between entails.



On this trip the two groups of young journalists either found themselves on a tour of the building or a workshop.


This workshop not only gave them an idea of what people who have the pleasure of working here do, but it puts them in the shoes of these workers, allowing us to see first hand just what goes into being a reporter, camera operator, producer, switcher and much more.




After a quick lunch break the students are back at it and switch activities. 


The tour is nothing short of mesmerizing, as you go through, you get to take an in depth look at the offices and control rooms.


It’s in these control rooms that tv shows you watch at home are monitored and played.


The operators in these rooms despite having an enormous amount of responsibility seem to be relatively unfazed. the students even got the chance to sit in the third biggest studio in North America.