The Curse Of Day 8

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 Day 8 is extremely unfortunate for us secondary three students.

As we enter our first year of high school, we started experiencing traumatizing events in just our first week of secondary one.

Unfortunately all these events coincidentally happened on day 8 out of the cycle.

The first tragic incident that happened was the Code White false alarm that took place the first week of school, for us now, secondary three students. It happened in the beginning of the second period, when the students heard a voice repeating “code white, code blanc”.  All students were terrified especially us secondary ones, since we haven’t experienced this drill in such a big school before.

About four to five hours later, the SWAT team and the cops managed to get everyone safely evacuated. The students went home without their belongings, having to return the next day to pick them up.

Eva Stornello a secondary three student explains her experience in the lockdown situation, “I was very confused, because no one knew if it was a drill or not. Of course the supervisors that I was with couldn’t say that it wasn’t a planned drill because it would freak me out along with the other students. The whole situation was pretty traumatizing because a lot of thoughts where running through my head during this experience.”

A few days later, another disaster occurred. As students were eating their lunch outdoors, a loud breeze of wind started coming in. Before you knew it, a tree fell on a power line and a small fire was created. Luckily that fire wasn’t anything major, everyone was able to run inside and no one got hurt.

For the rest of the day, the power was out and HydroQuebec wasn’t able to come in at that moment. Therefore the school had to dismiss everyone. Fortunately someone was able to capture a video of that exact moment.

These are just two of many events that happened on this day of the cycle.

Gabriella Esposito a secondary three student explains her thoughts on day 8, “Day 8 is a very unlucky day, because we had several incidents that fell on this day. Due to all these Incidents that happened for us secondary three students, we were all terrified since it was just our first week of high school and all of these incidents accordingly happened on this day”.