Don Cherry’s Shocking News

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Don cherry’s shocking news

Not too long ago, Mr. Don Cherry from coaches corner got fired. Some history about him is that he’s 85 years old some people say he was a his whole life was hockey. He was a hockey player, coach and a commentator. On novembre 23 2019 after the Montreal Canadians finished their game during coaches corner he said an inappropriate comment. ‘You people love… you people that come here, whatever it is, you love our way of milk and honey’ this is specifically for immigrants ‘At least your could pay a couple of of bucks for a poppy of something like that.’ This is a very controversial type of conversation with a lot of different options. Here are some of people’s reactions/opinions.

‘He’s disappointed that some people he counted on — friends and allies in the media — turned on him at a time of need, and didn’t give him support and in fact went out of their way to distance themselves from him,’ said Trevor Whiffen, a former general manager of the IceDogs and now the governor of the OHL’s London Knights. ( « one of his good friends »)

´As I’ve said on the TV, I love Don, it doesn’t sound like I would be there for Don, but I am. We were just going through one of the most difficult situations because, as I said, we each made our personal decisions,” said MacLean. “If I have one regret, it’s when I apologized on Sunday night, I used Don’s name and if I’m sitting at home watching it, that would hurt me.´ ( « Ron MacLean »)

As a teenager my opinion on this is that. I don’t think it was right what he said about immigrants. I also don’t rhink they shoul abbé fired him right away how his whole life was made up of hockey.

Luckily he did apologize after the fact that he got fired and said he wasn’t only aiming towards immigrants. People today still think he’s racist which I can’t blame them for thinking. Now on coaches corner you will no longer be watching 85 year old Don Cherry and all his crazy suits that he w