Coaching Girls vs Boys; is there a difference?

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Coaching Girls vs Boys; is there a difference?

Gabriella Oppedisano

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Bottom line, in the end, it’s my class, my gym, my rules!”

— Mrs. Ribeiro

    Villa Maria, now a CO-ed school, has been doing things differently since it made the switch from an all girls environment. What does this mean for its’s sport teams?

    Well, previously girls pretty much dominated this school, but as of the 2016-2017 school year, boys made their first appearance at Villa. Not only was this change a big step for the school’s academic future, it also had a pretty big impact on how the athletic department runs. Now the big question is, how do the coaches believe boys work harder or train differently than girls teams, vice versa. So, I got some of their opinions. Asking them, “What are some pros and cons of coaching girls and boys sport teams?” 

Most coaches agree that the girls respond better to constructive criticism, which makes them more open to listening to their coach’s advice and improving their skills. Boys however, often feel that they might not need advice and don’t try to improve their skills as much, because they may not feel they need to.

Mr. Garard, a sec 1 gym teacher, was very excited when he heard the news about Villa becoming CO-ed, saying that he now has a “chance to coach both girls and boys.”

    He and Mrs. Lapierre, a math and gym teacher, both agreed that “girls practice less intensely and are friendlier to each other during scrimmages.” Mrs Lapierre also said that she “gets to encourage the girl’s confidence.” 

    This is a point where she and Mrs. Ribeiro, also a phys-Ed teacher agree, Mrs. Ribeiro pinpoints the fact that the “girls want to please” since “pleasing improves their confidence and concentration.” Mrs. Ribeiro also feels like she has more of a connection to the girls, feeling like a “role model to them, women to women.”