Underpaid and Under Appreciated: the Secret Life of Animators

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Underpaid and Under Appreciated: the Secret Life of Animators

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Nakamura walks into her house; it is half furnished. The lightbulb has been burnt for months, but she hasn’t had the time or money to replace it. She looks in her fridge to realizes that her job hardly pays for her food. 


She is an animator and most people would consider her very successful. However, most people do not realize that “Animators today are underpaid and overworked”.


Nakamura explains how even the successful animators don’t have it well off she says “it’s a long and hard journey” the pay in animations isn’t very good but what’s worse is the amount of work and the amount of hours that have to be put in to finish the projects the animators are given. 


“Growing up I loved naruto and that’s why I chose to be an animator” Growing up millions of kids like Nakamura are inspired by these tv shows Naruto, Dragon Ball, one piece, etc. They are inspired by these shows to become animators and chase their dreams but they are unaware of the hard life that will follow. 


Each anime episode has 3000-6000 frames of drawing, for more famous animes like attack on titan there are roughly 5000-10000 per episode. The frames are divided into cuts so 1 episode is around 300-600 cuts. 1 cut takes roughly half a day for scenes with little movement but battle scenes with a lot of movements can take as long as a week. This is awful that animators have to work such ridiculous hours and this has to change. 


An animator regardless of how long it takes them only gets paid 40 dollars usd per cut. Of course an animator can take more than 1 job at a time but with the amount of work and time it takes it’s nearly impossible to take more then a few. 


“Yes, some people can’t handle the smell” For famous animators who are in very high demand or animators that need to support a big family they stay at work for a week or sometimes even a month without going home. They sleep under their desks and don’t change or bath unless they choose to use a public bath which Nakamura says they rarely do. They are too busy working. 


The life of animators need to change! Millions of children and adults are inspired by anime’s and the sad truth is without animators this anime’s can’t exist. Animators deserve to sleep, receive proper pay and be treated better!