Why you should know what sustainable fashion is

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Why you should know what sustainable fashion is

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What is sustainable fashion? What does sustainable mean? And why is it suddenly important ?

 We’ll start off by explaining what sustainability is. According to google dictionaries sustainability is “ avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. So in simpler words this means avoiding destruction of our planet. I personally think this is a word that everyone should become familiar with in this time and age .

Our generation, specifically millennials and generation Z, have grown up with invisible destruction constantly surrounding us . It’s true most people from other generations think that we live in an almost perfect era , for example there are so many technological advances that make our lives better than it would have been 20 years ago, there are many cures to disease we wouldn’t even know of. but what they are not seeing is the destruction the world has cause from our mistakes and our supposed accomplishments.

“ Real fashion isn’t about following trends , it’s about following movements that bring us into a better future and the greatest movement right now is sustainability”

— Kristen Leo(environmental activist)

Now this where we need to know the word sustainability. Our planet is slowly being destroyed and when we think we should be doing something, some of our leaders have not even acknowledged this fact . So it’s the people’s job to try to make things better. One way we can do this is with sustainable fashion.

 The fashion industry has been playing mind games with us ever since it existed . It has been telling us we are too fat, too skinny , too short , too tall and so much more by creating insecurities we didn’t know we had. This is what you call propaganda . One insecurity that I know everyone has had is that we need to stay on trend for whatever reason. For example, when a new iPhone comes out everyone wants it and they are not quite sure why . Or suddenly their boots are off trend . What do we do? We turn to buying something new . And this is called Consumerism.

 Consumerism has led to mass overproduction, which has created mass pollution. Now we need to go against consumerism ,not just because we need to but because the whole  world needs us to. So how can we help?

According to Aliya Matchett, social media influencer “ This new age of social media is what has turned everyone into intense consumers especially when it comes to clothing. And one way we can be sustainable and stay on trend and look and feel good is though thrift fashion.”

Thrift fashion is a “little slept on” in my  personal opinion and it really shouldn’t be because actual sustainable clothing brands are extremely expensive because of how much actual work is put into making each article of clothing, and many people can’t afford theses clothes. So this is why thrift fashion is an amazing way to be sustainable and affordable.

Dawson college has also noticed this fast fashion issue and they have made a box where students can put in clothes they don’t need or wear anymore and they take as many items of clothing they put in. So for example,  if you put in two items of clothing you can take two items from the box. I think that this would be great to bring to Villa.

“Real fashion isn’t about following trends , it’s about following movements that bring us into a better future and the greatest movement right now is sustainability” says Kristen Leo environmental activist.