Worst Losing Streak Since 1940: What are the Habs’ Options?

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Worst Losing Streak Since 1940: What are the Habs’ Options?

Adrien Hébert

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The Montreal Canadiens have been on a extreme losing streak ever since the 2019-2020 season has had its start. The Habs are currently on a 8 game losing streak making it the worst losing streak since 1939!

Since trading their star defenseman P.K Subban for Shea Weber,the habs haven’t been able to place a spot in the playoffs.Which wasn’t common, due to the fact that the habs have the most Stanley cups in the league.

In 2017, Michel Therrien was fired because of many losing streaks. In replacement of Therrien, they hired former coach of the Boston Bruins Claude Julien, but the losing streaks didn’t stop, and many questioned if it was the players to blame.

“As frustrated as I am,I’m the one that has to find some solutions here and turn things around”said Claude Julien in a press conference Sunday.

Carey Price is the starting goalie for the habs being paid 10.5 million$ per year, on a contract that still has 8 more years left. If the habs were to make a first decision about trades, they should trade Price for a young player and some draft picks to buff up the team.

A few years ago, The Buffalo Sabres Were the worst team in the league, so they traded Jeff Skinner to Carolina for several draft picks in the following years. To this day, the Sabres are ranked 2nd in the Atlantic division and are prevailing their winning streak.

If the Montreal General Manager ended up trading Carey Price and some washed up players, they would be able to build a powerhouse team for the future, guaranteeing them a cup.